Air Desiccant Dryer

Particles Plus Air Desiccant Dryer Side View

Air Desiccant Dryer

5 Stage – 3 SCFM


Particles Plus® five-stage Air Desiccant Dryer system utilizes multiple towers filled with desiccant fibrous membranes to remove moisture and oil from compressed air. The system performs a continuous process of cycles of absorption and regeneration.

Water vapor from the compressed air supply passes through the hollow fibers of the membrane. At the same time, a small portion of dry air is redirected along the length of the fibers to sweep out the water vapor which has permeated the membrane.

The moisture-laden sweep gas is then vented to the atmosphere, and clean, dry air is supplied to the application. The drying power of the membrane is controlled by varying the compressed air flow rate and pressure. The Particles Plus® Air Desiccant Dryer is designed to operate continuously, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

First Stage Condensate Separator with 5 micron Sintered Plastic Element and
Automatic Drain
Second Stage Filtration Assembly with Ultra High Efficiency Coalescing Particulate
Filtration Element and Automatic Drain
Third Stage Filtration Assembly with Oil Free Cartridge and Plugged Drain
Fourth Stage Passive Membrane Dryer rated 3 SCFM guarantee 35ºF dew point or
Fifth Stage Pressure Regulator with Pressure Gauge
Offer a reliable, efficient, and economical alternative to pressure swing and refrigerant
dryer technologies
Require no electricity thus lowering operating costs
Dewpoints as low as 35°F (2°C) prevent freeze-ups
Explosion proof
Silent operation
Eliminates point of use condensate discharge typical of refrigerant dryer technology
Product Flow at 100 PSIG Inlet Pressure3 SCFM (5Nm3/h)
Regeneration Flow at 100 PSIG0.5 SCFM (0.8Nm3/h)
Min/Max Inlet Air Temperature40°F/120°F (4°C/49°C)
Min/Max Ambient Temperature40°F/120°F (4°C/49°C)
Min/Max Inlet Pressure60 PSIG/150 PSIG
Compressed Air RequirementRegeneration Flow + Outlet Flow
Max. Pressure Drop3 PSID (0.2 Bar)
Dimensions29” x 13” x 8” (73.6 x 33.0 x 20.3 cm)
Weight3 lbs (1.36 kg

Particles Plus Air Desiccant Dryer Diagram