Ambient Air Monitors

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Aerodyne Research, Inc.
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Air quality sensor system

Model 100

Designed for gas and particle pollutant measurements to better understand atmospheric chemistry and environmental public health.

Fast | Realtime | Raw Data
Data recorded by each ARISense node is stored on an internal flash drive at user-defined data acquisition rates (5-60s). The high time-resolution of ARISense measurements provides a near-instantaneous look at changing pollutant concentrations, leading to a clearer picture of local point source impacts that may disproportionately impact air quality.

ARISense systems are configured to allow users to push real-time data to the cloud where sensor outputs can be visualized by the general public and downloaded by users and researchers. Opening up the ARISense database to the communities in which the systems are deployed allows individuals to connect their personal observations with changes in pollutant concentrations in their immediate vicinity.

Fully-integrated Low-cost AQ Sensor System
Integration of peripheral sensors for measurement of environmental and meteorological parameters (relative humidity, temperature, solar intensity, barometric pressure, ambient noise, wind speed & direction) provides additional context for interpreting/understanding
sensor response and improving source attribution.

Distributed sensing solutions capable of 10 to 100 times the spatial and temporal resolution of typical air quality monitor ing (AQM) networks
Urban AQ monitoring
Point source characterization
Near-field combustion
Exposure assessment
Community engagement and education
Indoor air quality
Security / Emergency response
Transparent data handling protocols
Honest assessment of sensor measurement uncertainties
Thorough laboratory and in-field calibrations
Modular, lightweight, flexible design
Real-time multi-pollutant characterization including both gas phase and particulate matter concentrations
Adaptable power and networking configu rations based on desired deployment scheme
Rugged weather-proof enclosure with versatile mounting options
Particle Size Range:0.3 - 10 μm (across 6 size bins)
Gas Measurements:Electrochemical measurements of [NO, NO2 Ox (O3 + NO2 ), CO]
Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) measurement of CO2
Size/Weight:8.59” L x 5.11” D x 8.59” H, 5 lbs
21.8 cm x 13 cm x 21.8 cm, 2.3 kg