Particles Plus Lifetime Warranty

Particles Plus is excited to announce the company’s new Lifetime Warranty (this “Lifetime Warranty”). Subject to the Conditions below, this Lifetime Warranty guarantees protection from manufacturing defects for your Particles Plus 9000, 8000, 7000, 5000, and 2000 Series products (“Instruments”) for the entire lifetime of the Instrument, as long as the Instruments are calibrated at least annually (365 days or less) by an Authorized Particles Plus Lifetime Warranty Service Center.

Particles Plus is committed to providing the best customer service and highest quality products available. Particles Plus Lifetime Warranty ensures that your Instrument is protected from any manufacturing defects.

Particles Plus is confident that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will make your purchase an enjoyable experience.

Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Particles Plus Authorized Calibration Centers

USA Particles Plus, Inc.
Japan Particles Plus, Ltd.
England Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd.
Panama ITS Technologies (J3 Corporation)
Mexico Twilight SA
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1. The Instrument must operate under the operational conditions for temperature and humidity specified in the applicable user manual for such Instrument.
2. The Instrument must be calibrated at least annually (365 days or less) by an Authorized Particles Plus Lifetime Warranty Service Centers located worldwide.
3. If the Instruments has signs of abuse, has been subject to improper use, or has been used with an inappropriate power supply, such Instrument will not be covered by this Lifetime Warranty, nor Particles Plus’s standard warranty.
4. This Lifetime Warranty does not cover the following parts: battery, vacuum pump, filters, CO2, and/or TVOC sensors.

5. This Lifetime Warranty is subject in all respects to the Particles Plus, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (the “Terms of Sale”). In the event of any conflict between this Lifetime Warranty and the Terms of Sale, the Terms of Sale shall govern.

6. This Lifetime Warranty is not transferrable and is valid only for the original purchaser of the Instrument. Any transfer of the Instrument to any third-party shall void this Lifetime Warranty.

Particles Plus, Inc. reserves the right to remove Authorized Particles Plus Centers from the list if they do not meet the following Particles Plus standards:

I. Annual Calibration System License fee paid
II. Particle Standard must be calibrated annually
III. Sufficient service stock parts
IV. Participation in annual training for two (2) employees conducted at Particles Plus facilities

Particles Plus Lifetime Warranty