Ambient Air Monitors


12000 Ambient Air Monitor

Condensation Particle Counter & Optical Particle Counter

The Particles Plus 12000 is the first real-time dual mode ambient monitor to feature both a condensation particle counter and an optical particle counter in an integrated unit. The 12000 condensation particle counter is designed to detect and count aerosol particles by first enlarging the particulates using a supersaturated vapor. These robust monitors provide reliable, accurate measurement of airborne particles across a very wide size range (from fines to ultrafines) allowing for the detection of environmental and public health concerns involving airborne particulates.

Realtime Data
The optical particle counter (OPC) bins fine particulates in up to 30 particle size channels (from 0.3 μm to 10 μm) which are stored in on-board memory at a user-defined data sampling rate (1 second to 99 hours per sample). The condensation particle counter (CPC) measures ultrafine particulates as small as 5 nm (0.005 μm) and provides a total particle count above this threshold, this data is also stored in each of the above samples to provide a more complete view of air quality.

Particles Plus systems are configured to allow users to push real-time data to the cloud where sensor outputs can be visualized by authorized stakeholders.


Fully Integrated Environmental Sensor System
Integration of additional sensors for measurement of environmental and meteorological parameters including relative humidity, temperature, barometric pressure

Airborne Pollution and Environmental Research
Perimeter or Fence-line Monitoring for Construction, Remediation or Hazardous Waste Sites
Mine and Quarry Fence-line Monitoring for dust control operations
City Wide or Community Air Pollution Monitoring
Roadside Emissions Monitoring
Medical Facilities Property Monitoring
Power Line Wild-Fire Monitoring
Environmental Disasters
Monitor for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• User-selectable PM sizes from 0.3 to 10 μm (from the OPC)
• Total particulate counts above the ultrafine threshold (0.005 μm, from the CPC)
• Closed-loop humidity control for the OPC airstream
• Closed-loop condensation control within the enclosure
• CPC Aerosol Concentration Range of 0 to 100,000 particles per cubic centimeter
• ULTRAGUARD® Fiberglass reinforced polyester NEMA 4 rated outdoor tamper-proof
enclosure with internal thermal control
• Optional pole or tripod mount options
• Optional Cloud based data management software subscription available for remote
• Monitor for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Optical Particle Counter Condensation Particle Counter
Measured ParameterFine particle counts, concentration and massUltrafine particle concentration
Operating PrincipleOptical light scatteringOptical light scattering after water vapor growth
Condensation ApproachNoneNear-adiabatic expansion with single particle counting
Concentration Range0.01 to 20,000 μg/m3 (50,000,000 particles/ft3)0 to 100,000 particles/cm3
Particle Size Range0.3 to 25 µm0.005 to 3.0 µm
Size ChannelsFactory calibrated at 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0 µm variable binning0.005 μm threshold (one size bin)
Efficiency6s cycle time±10% below 30,000/cm3, ±20% at higher concentrations
Sample RateMinimum 1 second with no hold time, maximum 99 hours6s cycle time
Number of ChannelsUp to 30 channels1
Liquid RequirementNoneDistilled water
Flow Rate1.2 LPMVariable
Internal Vacuum PumpInternal pump with closed-loop controlInternal pump with closed-loop control
Operating Conditions4º to 122ºF (-20º to 50ºC) / 20% to 95% non-condensing4º to 122ºF (-20º to 50ºC) / 20% to 95% non-condensing
DisplayCalibration for custom size channels available
Custom Size ChannelsCalibration for custom size channels available
Communication ModesEthernet, USB. (Optional) Wireless 802.11 b/g, RS485, RS232 or LoRaWAN
Environmental SensorTemperature -4º to 122ºF (-20º to 50ºC) ±1ºF (0.5ºC) Relative Humidity 0 -100% ± 2%RH
AlarmAlarms for all particle values, environmental sensors, flow and sensor failure
Instrument CalibrationParticle sensor recommended once per year
User CalibrationField calibration of temperature and humidity possible with included utility software
External Surface12.85” x 7.41” x 25.54” (32.7 cm x 18.9 cm x 64.9 cm) includes barb fittings
Dimensions (L x W x H)12.85” x 7.41” x 25.54” (32.7 cm x 18.9 cm x 64.9 cm) includes barb fittings
Weight15.1 lbs. (6.84 kg)
AccessoriesQuick start guide, operating manual on USB flash drive, mounting feet
Optional AccessoriesInternal 45,000 sample records (rotating buffer) including particle count data and environmental data
Data StorageInternal 45,000 sample records (rotating buffer) including particle count data and environmental data
Power110 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz universal in-line power supply
Warranty1 year limited warranty. Extended warranties available.

12000 diagram