With 11 key patents issued and 15 United States and Foreign Applications pending, Particles Plus is the most vertically integrated particle counter manufacturing company in the industry. Below is a list of Particles Plus US Patents:


9,140,638 Pulse Discriminator for Particle Counter
9,140,639 Pulse Scope for Particle Counter
9,141,094 Personal Air Quality Monitoring System
9,157,847 Mixed-Mode Photo Amplifier for Particle Counter
9,158,652 Intelligent Modules in a Particle Counter
9,677,990 Particle Counter with Advanced Features
10,352,844 Multiple Particle Sensors in a Particle Counter
10,718,703 Pulse Log Buffer
10,810,869 Crowdsourced Air Quality Monitoring System
10,983,040 Particle Counter with Integrated Bootloader
11,112,395 Networked Air Quality Monitoring System
11,169,077 Personal Air Quality Monitoring System
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