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Athens, Greece – September 5th, 2022 – Particles Plus attended the 11th International Aerosol Conference (IAC), presenting the world’s first affordable water condensation particle counter (CPC).

The 12000 Series shocked the industry as the first affordable water pulse CPC capable of competing on a par with much more expensive instruments in performance and accuracy. The 12000 combines two instruments in one package, a condensation particle counter and an optical particle counter (OPC). The OPC bins fine particulates in up to 30 particle size channels (from 0.3 μm to 10 μm) which are stored in on-board memory at a user-defined data sampling rate (1 second to 99 hours per sample). The CPC measures ultrafine particulates as small as 5 nm (0.005 μm) and provides a total particle count above this threshold, this data is also stored in each of the above samples to provide a more complete view of air quality.


Additionally, Particles Plus team members had the chance to attend multiple sessions on sensor technology and aerosol research. Over 800 presentations were given during the conference by experts from across the globe.

The Particles Plus® 12000 Series can be used for the measurement of both indoor and outdoor air quality.

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