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Thiès, Senegal – July, 2024 – A recent study conducted in Thiès, Senegal, utilizing Particles Plus technology, has shed light on the alarming levels of air pollution within minibuses, a vital mode of transportation for many African citizens.

The research, which employed the state-of-the-art Particle Plus 8301-AQM2 handheld air quality monitor, identified three primary sources of in-cabin pollutants:

  • Outdoor Air: Africa’s rapid urbanization and influx of older vehicles contribute to high levels of outdoor air pollution, particularly in congested cities.
  • Vehicle Emissions: The study highlights exhaust fumes, tire degradation, and overall vehicle condition as significant sources of pollutants within minibuses.
  • Occupancy: The number of passengers directly impacts CO2 concentration, raising concerns about ventilation and potential health risks.

Key Findings:

  • Fine particle concentrations soared from 25 μg/m3 to 300 μg/m3, exceeding recommended safety limits and varying based on location and time of day.
  • CO2 levels ranged from 400 ppm to 900 ppm, fluctuating with passenger numbers.
  • Temperatures within minibuses reached highs of 40°C, and relative humidity ranged between 40% and 70%.
  • Average speeds were found to be low at approximately 2.5 m/s, further contributing to pollutant build-up.
  • While opening doors and windows helps reduce CO2, it also increases exposure to dust particles.

Particles Plus Calls for Action:

Particles Plus urges policymakers, transportation authorities, and public health officials to address this critical issue.

  • Implementing stricter vehicle emission regulations and promoting cleaner fuel options.
  • Investing in improved road infrastructure and traffic management systems to reduce congestion.
  • Encouraging the adoption of modern, fuel-efficient minibuses.
  • Exploring air filtration and ventilation solutions specifically designed for minibuses.

Particles Plus Commitment to Clean Air:

Particles Plus remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions for air quality monitoring and data analysis. We believe clean air is a fundamental right, and we are committed to supporting initiatives that promote healthy and sustainable transportation across Africa and beyond.

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