Particles Plus News & Education

December 13, 2014

Boston – Particles Plus brings a new performance standard to the handheld particle counter market.   With a patent-pending power management circuit design, the instruments provide the longest continuous and normal mode sampling of any handheld particle counter available today.

The system allows the particle counter to be placed in the field for long term studies, periodically sampling and then powering down to sleep until the next sample is scheduled. In this mode, the instrument can collect data for up to several months on a single battery charge (limited largely by the sample period and sample time).  This feature is especially useful in IAQ applications for performing longer term audits or evaluations.

In addition to intelligent power management within the instrument, Particles Plus has also added intelligence to the battery packs.  With the on-board intelligence the batteries provide safety and charge management, along with enhanced fuel gauge and battery life estimation.  The batteries have also been tested and certified to pass IEC 62133, and UN38.3.  “We’ve tried to bring the leading-edge battery management systems present in high-end battery systems like electric-vehicles and grid storage to the instrumentation market.  We monitor and manage over one hundred parameters within the pack to provide this.  This technology is another example of where we’ve engineered what are traditionally off-the-shelf components to better fit our intended solution,” states David Pariseau, CTO for Particles Plus.