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Boston – August 9th, 2019 – Particles Plus provides one of the highest performance standards in the handheld and battery powered particle counter market. With a patented power management circuit design, the instruments feature the longest continuous and normal mode sampling of any handheld particle counter available today.

The power management features allow our instruments to be placed in the field for long term studies, periodically sampling and then powering down to sleep until the next sample is scheduled. In this mode, the instrument can collect data for many weeks on a single battery charge (determined largely by the sample period and sample time). This feature is especially useful in air quality or ambient air monitoring investigations for longer term audits or evaluations.

In addition to intelligent power management within the instrument, Particles Plus has also added intelligence to the battery packs, providing safety and charge management with enhanced fuel gauge and battery life estimation reported directly to the instrument’s display.

Particles Plus instruments have been tested for battery life with instruments operating on full charge. The first test series were designed to run the instrument in continuous mode, screen at full brightness, with the sampling time setup for 1 minute and cycles set for non-stop operation until the power ran out. The tests recorded an average total run time of 10 hours and 35 minutes. This is unparalleled in the market for an instrument with a large color touchscreen display and its environmental accessory probes installed.

The next test, utilizing the industry’s first and only sleep mode for a particle counter or air quality monitor, was designed to simulate a long-term monitoring scenario. The sampling time was set for a one-minute samples taken every half hour, with the instrument powering down for the idle time between samples to conserve power. The results yielded an operation time of 23 days, 5 hours before the instrument had to be recharged or have its battery replaced.

Particles Plus has succeeded in creating the most comprehensive power management system in a portable or handheld instrument. The intelligence of the power system and the onboard processor for its Lithium-Ion battery packs provides uniform charging and discharging  for the longest battery use and life in a handheld particle counter.

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