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Chicago, USA – Particles Plus, a leading provider of indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, had the chance to exhibite its innovative In-Duct Air Monitor at AHR 2024, the premier HVACR trade show in the United States. The In-Duct Air Monitor is a continuous particle monitoring system that provides real-time data on particle concentrations in HVAC ductwork.

“We were thrilled to showcase our In-Duct Air Monitor at AHR 2024,” said Adam Giandomenico, CEO of Particles Plus. “This groundbreaking technology is a game-changer for IAQ professionals, offering valuable insights into particle levels within HVAC systems that were previously inaccessible.”

The In-Duct Air Monitor is designed to be installed directly into HVAC ductwork, providing continuous monitoring of particle concentrations in real time. The system uses laser scattering sensor technology to measure particle size and concentration, providing data on both total suspended particulate matter (TSP), PM values, and particle size distribution.

“The In-Duct Air Monitor is a valuable tool for HVAC engineers and building managers who are committed to providing clean and healthy indoor air,” said Sotirios Papathanasiou, Product Marketing Manager at Particles Plus. “By providing real-time data on particle levels, the system helps to identify potential sources of contamination and enables proactive corrective actions.”

Particles Plus was excited to share the benefits of our In-Duct Air Monitor with AHR 2024 attendees. This technology has the potential to revolutionize IAQ management and improve the health of millions of people.

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