Particles Plus News & Education

February 18, 2015

Boston – Particles Plus announced today the appointment of Brian Gannon to their Business Development Team.   Brian will be responsible for new business opportunities and markets for the company.  Working as an intern for the past 4 years, Brian has shown exceptional drive, dedication and consistent high performance while applying his studies in international business. Brian is currently based at the company’s Stoughton, Massachusetts manufacturing operation, supporting international growth and development.

“We are very proud to have Brian join our management team after his hard work at school and working for Particles Plus as an intern these past 4 years.  Brian’s ability to speak fluent Mandarin and his knowledge of international business brings a fresh approach to our growing international business group,” states company president, Adam Giandomenico. Giandomenico adds, “It really feels great to be part of bringing on the next generation of Young Guns in our industry.  Particles Plus’ winning formula is to continue to focus on game changing technology with the world’s best team.”

Brian Gannon can be reached at or +1-781-341-6898