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Santa Clara, CA – October 7th, 2019 – David Pariseau, Chief Technical Office and Co-Founder of Particles Plus, will be speaking at the Santa Clara Convention Center on November 20th at the Sensor USA event that is part of the IDTechEx Show.  David will be speaking on Measuring Air Quality:  Solutions and Pitfalls in particulate sensors.

Air quality has been linked in multiple studies to various medical conditions and is increasingly in the news. Many agencies, companies and even individuals are installing sensors in an attempt to characterize their air quality.   Recent studies and feedback from stakeholders indicate that many of these air quality sensors are not providing accurate information.  A lack of standards has led to a flood of sensors with very poor performance and sometimes intentionally misleading readings.

David Pariseau’s session will delve into the main architectures behind airborne particulate sensors: describing how they function and discussing the particular benefits and limitations of each.  He will also discuss and examine several issues currently at the forefront of both indoor and outdoor air quality measurement.

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