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Seven Springs, PA – November 2nd, 2017– Particles Plus attended the annual Healthy Building Summit at the Seven Springs Resort, participating in the onsite indoor air quality testing study performed by the organizers, the IAQ Training Institute. Particles Plus used their model 7302-AQM Air Quality Monitors and their model 8306 Handheld Particle Counters to provide continuous monitoring and spot checking of particulate levels for the rooms tested during the three day research event.

The Healthy Building Summit has performed testing each year to study existing and proposed operational practices in the IAQ investigation and remediation space. They report on real world practical research conducted during the conference. Attendees who are there to become certified for The Mold Worker, Supervisor, and Indoor Environmentalist classes assisted with this hands-on research.

“Particles Plus is proud to have become an integral part of the annual research conducted at the Healthy Building Summit events,” stated Tom Grillo from Particles Plus. “The value of this annual event to Indoor Environmental Professionals is measured in the quality of the materials that many invited industry experts provide, helping everyone to grow and learn new techniques, practices and technologies.”

Particles Plus was a Marquis Sponsor for the 2017 Healthy Building Summit, and will be continuing their support for this exceptional event.

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