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Philadelphia, PA – May 21st – Particles Plus was in attendance and exhibiting at the 2018 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia.  The event provided attendees with the opportunity to discover the improved product offering from Particles Plus.  The enhanced performance of the company’s particle counters and air quality monitors now exceeds the performance of any similar product in the market.  The company publically announced their instruments’ ability to count particles and provide mass concentration (PM) calculated values in high dust and particulate areas up to 10,000,000 particles per cubic foot with a 10% coincidence loss.  This is nearly double the nearest competitor.

Particles Plus explained that their patented advanced multi-processing design that allows their optical particle counters to count more particles per second than any similar device available, and do so while classifying each particle’s size.  “The instruments’ electronics and software are capable of counting particles every 4 microseconds without any of the  analog to digital conversion blind time that our competitors suffer from.  This means that we aren’t missing particles and are able to meet this new all-time high level concentration capability in these types of products,” states Thomas Grillo, Sales Manager for Particles Plus.

The ability to measure particulate matter (PM) with true digital particle sizing in higher concentrations overcomes the issue of the 50% PM curve that traditional gravimetric sampling methods suffer from when allowing larger particles in to their sample media or filters, skewing the PM values higher. These larger particles are able to make it past the typical mechanical impactors or cyclones that are used today. This increases the actual PM values recorded during the weighing of the collection filters or cartridges. The electronic particle measurements used by Particles Plus instruments makes the sizing of particles extremely precise as well as repeatable.

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