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Stoughton, MA – December 14th – Instrument Management Software Real Time (IMS-RT) has been launched this week by Particles Plus to provide a secure and robust cloud-based monitoring system for facilities interested in monitoring their cleanrooms or their air quality.

The reliability of this internet-based monitoring system software is the use of a network of redundant servers to maintain collected client data. The data from a few to hundreds of sensors can be collected and stored for real time monitoring using dashboard views, or retrieved and downloaded for later reporting, all without any concern for data loss. In the event of total system failure, the software and client data are backed up and stored weekly in secure cold storage facilities for restoration to maintain client data integrity.

The software interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. The grid view provides a full dashboard by company, facility or room, displaying multiples of sensors and allowing for quick visual queues onscreen of an event that requires action. The event can then be drilled down to provide even more data related to that sensor and that location.

The software and user interface provide a latching alarm indication for event alarms and for fault reporting. The reporting can be done with user defined contacts using SMS data text messaging, as well as email notifications. This can be programmed to report by sensor, or it can be more detailed by reporting notifications and alarms to different individuals by specific channels or parameters within a single instrument.

The reporting capabilities, onscreen graphing by sensor, or multiples of sensors, and access to data from any point in time that has been saved makes access to information about a facilities air quality easy and readily available wherever a browser can be opened without expensive client software seats.

“The Software as a Service cleanroom and facility air quality monitoring system is ideal for smaller to midsized companies looking to monitor their offices, cleanrooms, production floors, providing real time data on events that could affect quality of product or quality of life for their organization or the occupants,” notes Adam Giandomenico, President of Particles Plus. “The affordability to buy a license based on the number of sensors to be monitored makes this system attractive to those with a tight budget who still need to meet the demands of clean air environment. Our customers need to know when something has gone wrong with their controls to maintain that quality and this allows them that security and knowledge.”

The system utilizes the Internet of Things Protocol that is an standard with all of Particles Plus air quality and particle counting instruments. The software along with the company’s state of the art air monitoring instruments allows for a system that is reliable, accurate, and accessible.

For more information on IMS-RT Monitoring Software, or to find out about Particles Plus particle counters and air monitoring instruments, their applications, technical questions, product specifications or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.