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Stoughton, USA – August 08th, 2023 – Particles Plus® is thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking 11000 Series, a state-of-the-art ambient air quality monitoring solution. This innovative product will revolutionize the way we measure and analyze air quality, ensuring a healthier environment for all.

The 11000 Series is the result of extensive market research and collaboration with industry experts. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that addresses the needs of our target audience, including environmental agencies, research institutions, and industries with a focus on air quality management.

Key features of the 11000 Series include:

  1. Advanced Sensor Technology: Our cutting-edge sensors provide accurate and reliable real-time data on a wide range of air pollutants, including particulate matter (PM).
  2. Remote Monitoring Capabilities: With built-in Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or LoRaWan and cloud connectivity, the 11000 Series allows for seamless remote monitoring and data access, ensuring that you stay informed about air quality conditions at all times.
  3. Customizable Alerts: Set up personalized alerts based on your specific air quality thresholds, ensuring timely notifications and prompt action when air quality levels exceed safe limits.
  4. Compact and Durable Design: The 11000 Series is designed for outdoor use, with a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure that ensures reliable performance in various environments.
  5. Compliance with Industry Standards: Our 11000 Series adheres to strict industry standards and guidelines, ensuring that you can trust the accuracy and reliability of the data it provides.

Particles Plus is confident that the 11000 Series will set a new benchmark in ambient air quality monitoring. Its innovative features, combined with our commitment to customer-focused solutions and adaptability to market trends, make it the ideal choice for organizations seeking to improve air quality and protect public health.

To learn more about the 11000 Series and how it can benefit your organization, please visit our website or contact our sales team at +1-781-341-6898 or email us. We look forward to helping you achieve your air quality management goals with the 11000 Series by Particles Plus.