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Stoughton, MA – December 10, 2020 – Particles Plus, Inc. announced today the launch of their new 9301P-OEM and 9301-OEM particle counting sensors. These products are the result of 30 months of research and development, pushing the limits on performance and miniaturization of their existing patented multiprocessing technology.

The compact size of these self-contained sensors allows them to be integrated as the core for many new particle counting or particle matter (PM) monitoring instruments. The product will be available for other manufacturers to utilize for their own product designs. This will allow companies to create high quality devices for monitoring particulates for indoor air quality, outdoor ambient air monitoring, or traditional particle counters for cleanroom instruments.

The sensors operate with the same accuracy and repeatability of the traditional advanced particle counters from Particles Plus.  However, they now provide higher performance and additional features in a product that is 25% of the original size.  The sensors provide an onboard data record memory of 65,000 samples and they can be set up for 6 to 30 channels of detection over the standard range of 0.3 to 25.0 µm.

“The goal was to create a sensor and PCBA package that could be utilized for a wide range of applications by other manufacturers in the air monitoring industries, and at a competitive cost”, states Thomas Grillo, Sales Manager for Particles Plus. “Providing high quality, unequalled accuracy, and performance at a competitive price point opens up a world of possibilities for other companies looking to upgrade their particle counting or air quality monitors.”

The company has plans to launch a line of indoor, outdoor and cleanroom products all stemming from this product development. They started shipping initial samples to interested manufactures this month.

For technical questions, product information or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.