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Model 8306 Solves USP 800 Facility’s Non-compliance

Los Angeles CA – August 10, 2020 – Mr. Greg Spahr, President of Health & Safety Resources, has shared another application video of the Particles Plus model 8306 Handheld Particle Counter solving a hospital’s USP 797/800 sterile compounding suite. The video provides a visual representation of the instrument’s Real-Time Meter function helping to identify particle sources within the affected areas of the cleanroom.

This particular hospital, located in the Los Angeles area, had been continually failing their viable particle tests. Typically, the negative-pressure hazardous drug room (USP-800) and/or the anteroom (positive pressure) hada been failing compliance with the identification of one (1) cfu/m3 of airborne Actionable Microorganisms, such as Gram-negative bacteria, Coagulase-positive Staphylococcus, molds, and yeast

In the video Greg is using the model 8306 Real-Time Meter Graph mode along the seams of the HEPA filter gasket, as well as testing other ceiling mounted seams including an access hatch that was cut into this suite’s ceiling. The auto-scaling graph’s on-screen indication of particles per second clearly indicates the particle incursions and allows Greg to identify the areas that need to be sealed, repaired, or materials/filters replaced.

“Being able to identify particles entering a cleanroom through faulty seals, or due to poor negative and positive pressure relationships to adjacent areas in the facilities, makes this a great investigation tool for many applications,” Greg notes. His experiences discovering these types of incursions has made him well known reliable resource for many cleanroom operators in the western USA Cleanroom and Compounding Pharmacy markets.

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