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June 2, 2014 – Los Altos – Particles Plus announced the introduction of its new, patent-pending, industry-first Real-Time Meter function for their particle counters. This feature displays visual and auditory count data that gives an indication of particle counts for pin-pointing the contamination source.

Instruments with older ‘beep’ or ‘Geiger’ modes only use an auditory alarm that sounds long before the exact source of the particulate contamination is located. The Real-Time Meter utilizes a visual histogram and “Range” slider to adjust the sensitivity of the counter. Adjusting the slider as the instrument gets nearer or further from the source of contamination allows for the range of the target channel to be adjusted on the fly. In this way, the Real-Time Meter provides strong visual feedback of the particulate data in real-time.

Due to the superior common electronics and firmware architecture, the Real-Time meter is available in all of the Particles Plus instruments with a display.

The company feels the feature adds significantly to the existing high value of the product line, making Particles Plus particle counters invaluable to cleanroom, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, and ventilation maintenance professionals.

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