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April 23, 2014

Boston – The new 8000 Series Particle Counters, launched by Particles Plus, introduces next generation handheld instrumentation covering an extremely wide range of airborne particle counting and monitoring applications.

The 8000 Series Particle Counters offer many unique industry-first features. It utilizes cutting edge multi-processing technology, allowing multiple functions to be accessed simultaneously without pause or interruption while sampling.

The large 4.3” full color touchscreen interface provides a rich and colorful icon-driven user experience. The patented Annotations feature allows for saving and recording up to 32 character notations on a sample record while the instrument is running or in the saved records after sampling.

The 45,000 record memory stores all count data, environmental conditions, and instrument status for more than a month of continuous 1 minute samples, and is the largest data memory available for any particle counter on the market.

The instruments are IP addressable over Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks, allowing them to communicate with a host of smart devices. The 8000 series also boasts the longest continuous battery run time of >10 hours for any 3 or 6 channel handheld particle counter.

The list of innovative improvements to these instruments will continue to shape the direction and performance for the handheld particle counter industry for years to come.

Particles Plus proudly manufactures the 8000 Series Handheld Particle Counters in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA.

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