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Minneapolis, MN – May 20th, 2019 – Particles Plus launched their new EM-10000 Outdoor Environmental Monitor at the 2019 Annual AIHce Exposition in the Minneapolis Convention Center. Particles Plus has been on the leading edge of particulate counting technology since entering the market, and has unveiled this outdoor monitor to help provide a lower cost solution to outdoor ambient air testing and monitoring for industrial and commercial customers concerned with their outdoor projects.

“Particles Plus is taking a big step in addressing the need for a high accuracy air sampling system that will allow professionals responsible for monitoring ambient air quality a competitive option with truly meaningful data,” states Jim Akey, Sales Manager at Particles Plus.

The EM-10000 Outdoor Air Monitor is designed to detect and measure fugitive particulate in various industrial and urban outdoor air quality monitoring applications, including Construction Sites, Mine and Quarry perimeters, Urban Air Pollution, Power Plants, Hospitals, Incinerators, and more.

The new monitor provides a better understanding of atmospheric air quality for environmental public health concerns. These instruments will be available with many wireless and hardwired communications options and can provide a near-instantaneous look at changing pollutant concentrations with additional sensors for measurements of environmental parameters.

The EM-10000 can count airborne particles with the highest concentrations possible for an optical particle counter. The ability to take the instrument on a site with high concentrations, along with its long battery life, make it an excellent tool for the duct cleaning professional,” noted Mr. Akey.

He also shared that, “The Real-Time Meter function, unique to the Particles Plus product, is an ideal tool for Duct Cleaners, providing audible and visual indication of registers and ducts that are emitting particulate, and helping to pinpoint particulate sources during a project.

For more information on Particles Plus Air Monitoring Instruments and their applications, or for technical questions, product specifications or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.