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Boston, USA – March, 2024 – Particles Plus is proud to announce a new Educational Discount Program designed to make their cutting-edge equipment more accessible to academic institutions and researchers.

“We understand the crucial role researchers and universities play in advancing knowledge and innovation,” says Adam Giandomenico, CEO at Particles Plus. “Through rigorous research and experimentation, they push the boundaries of our understanding in various environmental fields, including air quality. This program is our way of supporting their vital work.”

The Particles Plus Educational Discount Program offers significant savings on a wide range of instruments, including optical particle counters (OPC), condensation particle counters (CPC), and air quality monitors for both indoor and ambient air monitoring.

These instruments are essential for a variety of research applications, such as:

  • Indoor air quality studies
  • Environmental health research
  • Occupational exposure assessments
  • Climate change research

Benefits of the Particles Plus Educational Discount Program:

  • Reduced Costs:Substantial discounts on equipment and calibration services.
  • Enhanced Research Capabilities:Access to advanced technology for groundbreaking research through Particles Plus OEM sensors.
  • Streamlined Procurement:Easy application process and dedicated customer support.


The Particles Plus Educational Discount Program is open to accredited academic institutions and qualified researchers worldwide.

For more information on Particles Plus and its range of advanced air quality monitoring products, visit or contact our team at +1-781-341-6898.