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Boston, MA – June 24, 2022 – Particles Plus is proud to announce its attendance at 2022 BOMA International Conference and Expo, June 25 – 28 in Nashville, TN.

We will be there to showcase our innovative technological solutions and how they can help occupants achieve their goals in commercial real estate. At Particles Plus, we take air quality very seriously and we offer an array of products for accurate monitoring of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modern buildings have to meet new needs as new challenges have risen for the occupants. It is crucial to have efficient return-to-work strategies that include safety protocols, health, and wellness initiatives. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays a very important role in the effort to keep occupants safe and healthy.

Various studies support the fact that poor IAQ in office buildings and classrooms causes increased cases of absenteeism, chronic health issues, and eventually low productivity/performance.

We work to help occupants achieve their goals.