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Orlando, FL – February 23, 2017– Particles Plus exhibited at the 2nd Annual Indoor Environmental Science Forum Conference and training event at the Doubletree Hilton in Tampa FL this week.  The event was designed to bring together industry educators and leaders to share their knowledge and supporting science to train and elevate the IAQ industry professionals in attendance.

The event provided an opportunity for indoor air quality professionals to share their experience in open forum discussions and education presentations.  The event also allowed for leading companies like Particles Plus, who support the IEQ professionals with the latest technology, to demonstrate products and train attendees on the latest practices using their instrumentation.  The products shown included the handheld particle counters with unique features designed specifically for indoor air quality professional, as well as their advanced air quality monitors that support professional investigations for indoor air quality.

“The IESF event’s purpose fits perfectly with our company’s goals to educate professionals. Our focus has been on the proper application, techniques, and best practices utilizing advanced instrumentation. This supports the contractor or inspector’s goals for quality and professionalism with their environmental audits, investigations, and remediation projects,” stated Particles Plus president, Adam Giandomenico.  He also noted, “Particles Plus’ commitment to the Indoor Air Quality market and the related associations that promote the continued education for industry professionals is evidenced in the features and capabilities we designed into our products.”

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