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Boston, Massachusetts, July 25, 2016 – Particles Plus announced the launch of their new Amazon Direct & Brand Store. The company is tackling its US markets with a competitive approach through the online superstore. The online sales portal concept will allow the company to compete in the ever expanding online instrument resale marketplace, providing a superior product at a much more competitive price than through traditional online resellers. 

Amazon representative James Palmer stated, “We are excited to have the Particles Plus brand in our offering. Our online marketing group will be providing a full campaign to support the launch and bring this brand through our portal to the market.  We look to partner with cutting edge or disrupter products in their respective markets, and everything we have seen with Particles Plus leads us to believe we will have a winner.”

Particles Plus President Adam Giandomenico noted, “As instrumentation becomes more intelligent, like our line of IP addressable handheld particle counters and air quality monitors, it becomes vital to approach the market with leading edge strategies such as partnering with Amazon.” 

The company expects Amazon to be able to provide them with a wider market exposure than their current channels, and Amazon has committed to a comprehensive marketing campaign to support these products online on all the major search engines. 

For technical questions, product information or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.