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Boston, USA – March, 2024 – Particles Plus, a leading provider of air quality monitoring instruments, enthusiastically endorsed the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement of new, stricter standards for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and coarse particulate matter (PM10). Announced on February 7th, 2024, these lower limits reflect the growing scientific consensus on the significant health risks associated with air pollution and represent a critical step towards cleaner air for all of us.

“Particles Plus applauds the EPA’s leadership in prioritizing public health by strengthening these air quality standards,” said Adam Giandomenico, CEO at Particles Plus. “We believe clean air is a fundamental right, and these new standards will save lives and improve the health of millions.”

The company emphasized its commitment to supporting communities and organizations as they strive to meet the new standards. Particles Plus offers a comprehensive range of advanced monitoring instruments specifically designed for accurate and reliable measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 levels. These instruments cater to various applications, from compliance monitoring to research and community air quality initiatives.

Particles Plus air quality monitoring solutions empower individuals and organizations to understand their local air quality and take action. Whether it’s complying with new regulations, conducting research, or simply raising awareness, we offer the tools and expertise needed to achieve cleaner air.

Particles Plus offers several key features to make their monitoring instruments ideal for meeting the new EPA standards:

  • High accuracy and precision:Instruments meet rigorous performance standards for accurate and reliable data collection.
  • Real-time monitoring:Provides immediate insights into air quality changes, enabling timely decision-making.
  • Ease of use:User-friendly interface and design simplifies operation and data analysis.
  • Scalability:Various models catering to diverse monitoring needs, from individual researchers to large-scale networks.

By embracing the new EPA standards and offering advanced monitoring solutions, Particles Plus aims to be a key partner in building a cleaner, healthier future for us all.

For more information on Particles Plus and its range of advanced air quality monitoring products, visit or contact our team at +1-781-341-6898.