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Boston, MA – November 18th, 2015 – Particles Plus announced today the new and improved temperature and humidity sensor accessory now available for use with most of the company’s products,  providing tighter accuracy, less drift, and superior repeatability for environmental monitoring.

The improved temperature sensor utilizes a dedicated 14 bit controller to provide a resolution of ±0.01 degrees Celsius ( C ), and an accuracy of ± 0.3 degrees C. The quality of the sensor allows for <0.02 degrees C of drift per year, and a repeatability of ± 0.1 degrees C.

The new relative humidity sensor provides for a ± 2% accuracy, with a ±0.1% repeatability and ±1% hysteresis. The long term stability has improved to <0.25% drift per year.

Whether monitoring a cleanroom and data-logging the necessary environmental conditions, or performing exacting indoor air quality investigations for health and safety purposes, the new EE80014A Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor improves long term performance.

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