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Stoughton, MA – June 10, 2020 – Particles Plus has introduced their new Handheld Air Quality Monitors for IAQ, industrial hygiene, and ambient air quality markets. The new instrument was designed to incorporate the lightweight and ergonomic design of their existing 8000 series handheld particle counters, with the environmental monitoring capabilities of their existing AQM Series products.

The new 8301-AQM and 8302-AQM handheld instruments utilize high accuracy particle measurement capabilities while monitoring and recording essential environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC).

The new handheld instrument offers all of the same functionality of the existing AQM models, including the ability to measure the environmental sensor values with or without running the particle counter pump and laser. This extends sampling time greatly with both instrument’s advanced power management features. The may be placed into remote environments, monitoring the air quality for days or weeks on a single battery charge.

“Our customers spoke up and expressed the need for a handheld design for the current AQM series, and the 8301-AQM and 8302-AQM are our team responding to those needs,” states Thomas Grillo, Sales Manager of Particles Plus.

This new Handheld Air Quality Monitors model 8301-AQM or the model 8302-AQM can be found on the Particles Plus® website where you can download a datasheet for reference.

For technical questions, product information or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.