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Foxboro, MA – October 7th, 2015 – Particles Plus announced today, at the 24th Annual ISPE Boston Area Chapter Product Show, the unveiling of the enhanced Instrument Management Software (IMS). This software utility includes remote operation, data collection and Real-Time Graphing while controlling Particles Plus particle counting instruments and air quality monitors from a computer.

The Real-Time Graphing function allows for remote visual indication of particle measurement values and data from attached environmental sensors, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, or TVOC. The data is easily saved to a computer for later reference and can be utilized for a variety of reporting requirements. Large amounts of data can be visually sorted through, and values of interest identified, annotated or easily zoomed-in on. Multiple instruments can be addressed individually simply by entering the IP address of the specific instrument to be monitored.

The software facilitates flexible adjustment of sample/hold times, units of measurement, and detailed controls of all visual and color elements for plotting data. The IMS controls the instrument remotely through the graph’s interface control panel.

The IMS connects to the Particles Plus instruments directly through a USB or Ethernet cable, or the software can connect through a network, providing local access to the instruments within a facility or globally through the internet. The IMS software and Real-Time Graphing can also connect wirelessly via the instrument’s optional Wi-Fi feature.

The Particles Plus Particle Counters with IMS are the first in the industry to offer user field-calibrations for external environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, or TVOC. IMS provides for field adjustment through single-point or two-point offset calibrations to reference standards (i.e. gases, internal calibration standards, etc.)

“The new IMS software and remote graphing feature truly showcases the multi-processing power and flexible connectivity of the Particles Plus Instruments. Monitoring, controlling and servicing these particle counters remotely from the next room or from around the world provides customers with cost effective ownership without having to invest in a fully installed monitoring system,” explains Particles Plus Marketing Manager, Tom Grillo.

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