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Boston, USA – June, 2022 – Particles Plus Inc. is excited to have Sotirios Papathanasiou on board. Mr. Papathanasiou is a well-known expert in the field of air quality, and he is constantly trying to raise awareness of air pollution and the importance of clean air in our lives.

Mr. Papathanasiou has always tried to answer big questions about the importance of excellent air quality and how technology can help us see, quantify, and understand air pollutants in an effort to mitigate and ensure quality of life.

Over the years, he has taken part in various projects, in some of which he was responsible for the development of air quality monitors. Unfortunately, according to Sotirios they often had to use over-the-counter sensors with limited accuracy and repeatability. Those low-cost sensors have offered tremendous insight into the consumer’s air quality, but it is time to bring even better and more precise measurements to the public.

For those reasons Sotirios is now part of Particles Plus, Inc., specializing in the development of highly accurate particle counters. He will take on the responsibilities of Product Marketing Manager.

Particles Plus offers a line of advanced-technology particle counters, air quality monitors, and environmental OEM sensors. As the most vertically integrated particle counter manufacturer and technology licensing company in the industry, Particles Plus engineers and manufactures its own counter, display, battery, vacuum pump, and sensor technology from the ground up. Added intelligence in each module results in products with superior performance, extended features, accuracy, quality, reliability, and value.

Sustainable and accurate technology, as is truly available in the Particles Plus line of products, will shine a light on the pollutants that have a tremendous impact on human health.

For more information on Particles Plus and its range of advanced air quality monitoring products, visit or contact our team at +1-781-341-6898.