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Stoughton, MA – August 18, 2017 – Particles Plus released their new instrumentation firmware that will be available to all existing customers, and included in all new instruments produced and shipped after August 18th.  This firmware update provides for many improvements on their existing products and provides innovative features to their intuitive user interface, common to all variants of their Particles Plus instruments.  It also allows customers to enjoy the use of the new enhanced communications interface for configuring their Internet of Things (IOT) JSON protocol, making programing easy and accessible to all levels of users.

The new firmware is available to all customers who reach out to Particles Plus sales or service teams to request a new firmware file for their instruments.  This file can be emailed to the customer, and easily installed to their instruments using the Instrument Management Software that is comes standard with all Particles Plus instruments. Current customers who have an upcoming calibration due date scheduled can have the update installed during their routine annual calibration at Particles Plus’s Stoughton Massachusetts facility.

The new JSON configuration interface gives customers full control of the data type, frequency and format for their air quality monitoring projects.  The internet-based communication protocol allows users to send data to online data cloud services like Qualaire, or any customer-owned server that is configured to receive the JSON data for reporting and online access.  The user can configure what sensor values to report, when to report them, and where to send the data from an easy-to-configure settings interface.

All Particles Plus instruments can be interfaced directly to a PC, a router, and the internet with their standard Ethernet connection that is included and installed directly on the instrument, All connectivity options including internal Wi-Fi or RS-232/RS485 are internal to the instrument without the need of an external base or add-on accessories.

“When we designed the Particles Plus products, we were very forward-thinking in that all instruments sold by our company can be updated to include the newest features for our common electronic hardware and software architecture, as they are released” notes Dave Pariseau, Chief Technical Office and Co-Founder of Particles Plus.  A list of these changes and improvements can be requested by existing customers prior to installing the update.

For more information on Particles Plus particle counters and air monitoring instruments or their applications, or for technical questions, product specifications or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.