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Stoughton, MA – July 8, 2017 – Particles Plus announced the launch of their new model 8506-20 and 8506-30 particle counters, specifically designed to count large particles. The new instruments were designed with applications in the automotive manufacturing industry and the mold investigation, inspection and remediation markets.

The instruments provide a larger dynamic particle size range than typical particle counters. The instruments can be used to count particles or monitor particle mass concentrations (µg/m³) for sizes ranging from 0.5 to 30.0 µm. They also offer all of the leading edge features Particles Plus has become known for, including the Real-Time Meter that allows visual and audible indication to aid in pinpointing particulate sources.

These new instruments allow users to adjust their channel sizes in the field, defining the best channel sizes for their specific monitoring requirements. The 8506-20 and 8506-30 also include the industry’s longest continuous battery run time for a handheld particle counter, a large 45,000 record memory, and over 1000 user defined locations and 50 sampling recipes. In addition to their large particle size capability, these instruments support the Internet-of-things with their JSON communications capability, allowing customers to take advantage of the Qualaire cloud-based data services, with remote access to sample data through the internet.

“The capabilities of these new instruments address the market demand for accurate large particle counting”, notes Tom Grillo of Particles Plus. “The IAQ market specifically will find these ranges useful based on the size range of mold spores for indoor air quality investigations.”

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