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Portland, ME – May 1, 2017– Particles Plus participated in the 2017 Indoor Air Quality and Energy Conference hosted by, Maine Indoor Air Quality Association. The event was held in Portland at the Holiday Inn, by Old Port. This event attracted a diverse range of professionals throughout the region and across North America. Those in attendance shared new and proven concepts for achieving safe, healthy, and sustainable indoor environments. A variety of lectures, workshops, exhibits and poster sessions offered meaningful material. Providing informative discussions that addressed professional development, scientific issues, trends, and industry innovations.

Particles Plus being one of the key corporate sponsors, providing their full support to the association and those in attendance. Offered a highly educational presentation on Particles and their Behavior by Thomas Grillo of Particles Plus.

Particles Plus demonstrated their Air Quality Monitors in the exhibit hall. This provided real-time air quality monitoring, logging, and graphing of air samples at the event. This was made possible with the company’s new Qualaire cloud based data service that allowed for attendees to access the air quality readings from their smart phones and smart devices online.

“Our commitment to the Maine Indoor Air Quality Association and their annual event in Portland is very important for our company and is made clear with our sponsorship and participation.” noted Adam Giandomenico, President of Particles Plus. He also stated, “Our product focus in the professional indoor air quality marketplace is clearly evidenced by our product designs and industry specific features like the Real-Time Meter. We look forward to our growth in this space and to our ongoing relationship with the Maine IAQ Association.”

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