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Boston – February 22nd, 2016 – Particles Plus announced today the award of their U.S. patent 9,158,652, for the application and invention of Intelligent Modules in a Particle Counter.  This patent award is instrumental in the design of the Particles Plus systems’ architecture, providing superior performance in a particle counting instrument.

Unseen in the market before the introduction of this patented system design, this intelligent module architecture provides many improvements including concurrent access to the instrument during sampling.  For example, this design allows a particle counter to sample and record data, while one user is accessing the instrument configuration, while the instrument is downloading data via USB, a facility monitoring system is also collecting data and the instrument is also generating up to 20 active web browser sessions. All of these concurrent operations can be performed without any interruption to particle counting.

The patented design also allows for uninterrupted communication with integrated internal smart subsystems such as a pump controller, photo-amp board, intelligent battery, environmental sensors, etc. These intelligent modules create an internal network within the instrument which allows for more extensive diagnostics and control as well as easier servicing of subsystems by simply swapping intelligent modules or upgrading them with new firmware as new features or capabilities become available.

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