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Stoughton, MA – December 15, 2017– Particles Plus is highlighting their on-screen Annotation feature, a unique method for recording notes associated with specific air sample records.

The Particles Plus instruments all share a common user interface, providing easy access to their exclusive, patent pending Annotation feature. These are the only particle counters and air quality monitors that allow the user to record notes on occurrences during a specific sample which can later be referenced on screen or in the downloaded data using the instruments feature-rich IMS software.

Applications in cleanroom or critical controlled environments include the ability to note when events occur in the cleanroom that have a direct effect on the values being recorded during testing and validation. These could include notations such as “Door opened during testing” or “Equipment being serviced”. The annotations can be up to 32 characters long and are extremely useful for later reporting. The Annotation feature also allows for a single sample to be excluded from the instruments ISO14644 or EU-GMP test reporting function, and integrates with the included reporting options.

Indoor environmental professionals enjoy using the Annotation feature to input a site or client name on the first record of any site visit, allowing for easy demarcation of the data from multiple site visits on the same day. It can also be used to list the name of the sample locations for specific sites that do not have the regular Locations feature entered in advance of their site visits.

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