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Boston, MA – July 14, 2021 – Particles Plus is expanding it’s line of Environmental Monitors to include the Particles Plus® Ambient Air Monitor Model EM-11000.

The Model EM-11000 is a smaller, more economical version of the Model EM-10000 Ambient Air Monitor and will be shipping shortly.

The Particles Plus® EM-10000 is designed for outdoor particulate and gas monitoring. These robust monitors provide reliable, accurate measurement of airborne contamination allowing for the detection of environmental and public health concerns. These are the first real time monitors to provide 6 accurate particulate size channels.

The EM-10000s are Internet-Enabled, configured to allow users to push real-time data to the cloud where sensor outputs can be visualized by authorized stakeholders.

The 6 particle size channels recorded by the EM-10000 Monitor are stored in an internal non-volatile memory at user-defined data sampling rates (1 second to -99 hours). The high time-resolution of the Model EM-10000 measurements provides a near-instantaneous look at changing airborne particulate concentrations, leading to a well-defined model of local point source influences that may disproportionately affect air quality.

The Model EM-11000 is housed in a smaller frame and, despite its lower cost, records 30 particle size channels for even more accuracy. With a flow rate of 1.2 LPM the sensor is capable of accurately counting and sizing particles up to 70,000,000 particles/ft³ (2500 particles/cm³). The monitor can handle TPM concentrations up to 47,000 μg/m³ before experiencing coincidence loss.

em 11000 chart

For technical questions about the Particles Plus® Ambient Air Monitor Model EM-11000, other product information or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.