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Malaga, Spain — Particles Plus®, a leading provider of advanced particle counters and air quality monitoring instrumentation, is proud to announce its Silver Sponsorship of the European Aerosol Conference (EAC) 2023. The event, scheduled for September 3rd to 8th, will take place in the beautiful city of Malaga, Spain.

The EAC is a premier annual gathering for scientists, researchers, and industry professionals who are at the forefront of aerosol science and technology. The conference brings together the brightest minds in the field to discuss novel research findings, innovative techniques, and future trends in aerosol science.

“Reliable and accurate data is the cornerstone of scientific research,” said Adam Giandomenico, CEO of Particles Plus. “Our commitment to providing calibratable instruments that comply with the highest standards ensures that researchers can depend on the most precise measurements for their critical work.”

Particles Plus stands at the forefront of precision instrumentation with its state-of-the-art particle counters. The company’s instruments are calibrated to a known standard, ensuring accurate, repeatable data that is vital for scientific research and air quality monitoring.

At the EAC 2023, Particles Plus will showcase the Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) 12000 Series, an instrument set to revolutionize ultrafine particle research. The CPC 12000 Series has the unprecedented capability of measuring particles down to 5nm. This breakthrough technology will enable researchers to explore new frontiers in aerosol science, including the study of ultrafine particles and their effects on climate change, air quality, and human health.

The CPC 12000 Series is a game-changer for ultrafine particle research. Particles Plus technology pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in particle detection and measurement, enabling scientists to delve deeper into their research with affordable technology.

About Particles Plus:

Particles Plus is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance particle counters, air quality monitoring equipment, and software. With a focus on continuous innovation, Particles Plus delivers precision-engineered solutions that meet the most stringent standards, helping researchers, industries, and governments around the world to monitor and control indoor and outdoor air quality.

To learn more and how Particles Plus instruments can benefit your research, please visit our website or contact our sales team at +1-781-341-6898. You are welcome to email us as well. We look forward to helping you achieve your air quality research with Particles Plus technology.