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Colorado Springs, CO – January 10, 2021 – Government funded Research was conducted by MITRE Corp on school and transit buses provided by the City of Colorado Springs Transit and the Colorado Springs School District. The testing took place to understand the airflow dynamics in a bus to help lower the risk of COVID-19. Their testing resulted in recommendations that by opening windows and using existing climate control fans on a bus was shown to reduce exhaled airborne particles by up to 84%. Wearing a mask alone can also reduce the spread of potentially infectious particles by 50% or more depending on the quality of the mask.

The findings from the MITRE research led by scientist Nathan Edwards used aerosol dispersion on buses to help determine the best methods of reducing exposure to infectious airborne particles.

The testing utilized modified CPR dummies that could cough NaCl aerosolized solution with the same velocity and volume as a person. They utilized over 30 Particles Plus Model 8306 handheld particle counters throughout the bus to track the particle loads from the aerosol events used in the testing.

The particle counters provided the monitoring software utilized with over 78.3 million data points during the 124 miles of on-the-road testing conducted. The video below shows some of the actual testing being conducted.

The MITRE team has published the results of their testing and their recommendations for reducing the risk of spreading infectious airborne diseases in school and transit buses here:

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