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Chino City, Japan – February 10, 2021 – the Association of Japanese Symphony Orchestra announced that the “Project to Advance Music Culture Under Corona” report was released at the end of 2020. The experiment was aimed at providing risk assessment information and recommendations for public performances.  This experiment was designed to help understand the dispersion of aerosolized infectious disease particles while performers sing.

The report was extensive, with doctors, scientists, and music professionals volunteering to plan the experiment, collect data, and analyze the results over a  three month period spent discussing and reporting the results with all in agreement.

The testing was conducted using professional vocalists in a high-performance clean room at the Shin Nippon Air Technologies company’s facilities in Chino City, Japan.  The cleanroom allowed for the testing to isolate and detect fine particles such as aerosols and droplets generated during singing and to track their dispersion from the performer.  The vocalist was located in the center of ten Particles Plus Model 8306 particle counters, mounted on microphone stands within the cleanroom.  The testing used a zero-count base line with the vertical laminar flow in the cleanroom. The filtration system was then turned off and the vocalist sang so the aerosols could be tracked, and the data collected. The data was the used to model 360 degrees around the source for determining the distribution of the particles created by the singer.

For detailed numerical analysis, it is best to read the original report with the scientists’ recommendations here:

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