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Tokyo, Japan – December 1st – Particles Plus Ltd had the pleasure to attend the Society of Indoor Environment Japan (SIEJ) 2022 conference, where apart from exhibiting our air quality solutions, we had the chance to read interesting scientific research from the National Gunma University in Maebashi, Japan.

In detail, one of the posters presented during the conference used the Particles Plus® 8306 Handheld Airborne Particle Counter to investigate the effect of changes in indoor airflow on suspended particles by measuring and evaluating changes in the number of particles due to human walking and other factors. They also compared the data obtained from walking experiments using an air purifier.

The results show that the particle concentrations decrease faster when an air purifier is used. Placing the air purifier on the desk rather than placing it on the floor shortens the removal time. When placed on the floor, the accumulated dust will be blown up by the air flow of the air purifier.

Thanks to the particle size distribution Particles Plus instruments offer, the researcher was able to understand better the composition of the particulate pollution in the indoor environment and make accurate recommendations about the placement of the air purifier. This kind of research can also help air purifier manufacturers to build better products by optimizing the airflow pattern.

paper SIEJ