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Chaing Mai, Thailand – January 8th – Particles Plus Ltd had the pleasure to attend the Theory and Technique, International Conference on Sustainable Environment 2023 (TAAR 2023).

Professor Yoshio Otani presented his findings regarding measuring highly concentrated environments with Optical Particle Counters (OPCs), specifically the Particles Plus® 8306 Handheld Particle Counter. The 8306 measures particles from 0.3 to 10 μm, provides particle size distribution for 6 size channels, and has a concentration limit of 30,000,000 particles/ft³.

Particles Plus instruments operate in cleanrooms and high contaminated environments. This versatility offers a high return on investment and flexibility when it comes to scientific experimentation or inspection of the air quality in production lines or normal indoor environments.

Find more about Professor Yoshio Otani research here.