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Tokyo, Japan – April 8th, 2023 – Particles Plus, a world-wide leader in air quality monitoring solutions, is proud to have participated in the 40th Annual Technical Meeting on Air Cleaning and Contamination Control. The event, which took place from April 18 to 19, featured two research presentations from Particles Plus.

The first presentation, “Research on Safe Nebulizer Inhalation Therapy Using Clean Booth in the COVID-19 Pandemic with Particle Counter”, was led by Dr. Uchida. The Particle Plus® particle counters used in the presentation accurately measure the size and concentration of airborne particles, ensuring the safety of users.

The second presentation, “Measurement of High Concentration Aerosols with Light Scattering Particle Counter”, was led by Dr. Yoshio. This presentation discussed the latest developments in the technology used by Particles Plus® particle counters to accurately measure aerosols at high concentrations. This technology is particularly important in industrial settings where aerosol concentrations can be higher than in residential, cleanroom, or commercial environments.

Particle Plus is proud to be part of this important event. Through its participation in this event, Particles Plus is continuing its commitment to providing the most accurate and reliable air quality monitoring solutions.

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