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Syracuse, NY – February 25th, 2019 – Particles Plus Chief Technical Officer, David Pariseau has been invited to contribute to the Technology Section of Healthy Indoors Magazine. David has kicked off this new assignment with a multi-part series on Air Quality Monitoring and Particle Counting that Started earlier this month with the January issue and will continue through the February and March issues.

In the first part of this series, David writes about the history of particle counting and air quality monitoring technology. David discusses how the technology evolved from its earliest and simplest forms to the cutting-edge multi-processing models offered today.

The series of articles David is writing about will include the history, technology, the standards used for manufacturing and calibrating these types of instrument and an explanation on the measurement of PM (Particle Matter) for ambient air monitoring.

The part II article which details and explains the standards for manufacturing and calibrating these types of instruments helps readers understand the critical and fundamental difference between a professional particle counter or air quality monitor as opposed to the myriad of low-cost consumer grade low-cost air monitors on the market today. While the third installment discusses particle mass and the challenges with using mass concentration in estimating air quality.

David is committed to educating the Indoor Air Quality and Outdoor Ambient Air Quality markets on the importance of opening the discussion on creating an accepted and professional standard for any sensor or instrument being used for providing measurements for public or commercial air quality exposure.

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