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Orlando, FL – September 29, 2017 – Particles Plus wishes to extend their heartfelt concern and support to the families and all those who suffered losses from Hurricane Irma that devastated many Caribbean Islands, including Puerto Rico and Cuba before making landfall in the Florida Keys and Marco Island earlier this month. In the aftermath of the storm, and the coastal flooding, many Indoor Air Quality Investigators and remediation professionals have been extremely busy helping families and businesses recover from the damage caused by the storm.

These indoor professionals have been providing onsite inspection, guidance and remediation assistance to residential and commercial property owners by identifying and defining the corrective actions required for effective restorations. One Particles Plus client, Indoor Air Quality Solutions of Orlando, has already provided indoor air quality investigations and post remediation clearance inspections for countless properties throughout southern Florida in the past few weeks.

“The biggest challenge is finding and identifying all of the areas affected by moisture intrusion into the structure. As a state licensed mold assessor, and with multiple certifications as an Indoor Environmental Professional, every property has to undergo the proper procedures and protocols for testing. With this immense workload it is critical to have reliable and accurate instrumentation.” states Lydia Lapotaire, CIEC and owner of IAQ Solutions. She also notes, “The Particles Plus handheld particle counter is a key tool in our indoor air quality investigations.”

Particles Plus is proud to support the efforts of companies like IAQ Solutions, and all the other licensed mold inspectors, IAQ, and remediation professionals that are working to assist those affected by this destructive storm. For more information on Particles Plus particle counters and air monitoring instruments, their applications, technical questions, product specifications, or pricing, contact Particles Plus today.