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Boston, Massachusetts – June 21, 2019, Particles Plus is introducing a statistics feature for its range of high quality particle counters, allowing users to display or print an analysis for a range of sample data.  The onscreen or printed statistics is a powerful tool that provides minimum, maximum and average values for user defined datasets from onboard recorded data.

Most particle counters require external software to provide statistical analysis of sample records.  Particles Plus instruments now provide this capability right from the local display. The data to be displayed is configured by the printer configuration screen.  If the thermal printer is connected, it will allow for printing of the statistical values.  If a USB thumb drive is inserted into the instrument, the data can be exported for external statistical analysis.  And, if neither is present the statistical data may be viewed on the display.

This new feature can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To provide an easy way to view the results of a sample period, perhaps daily.  Easily highlighting any issues that occurred during that period.
  • To characterize the performance of a space over a longer period of time.  Derived targets for these reports could be used to qualify the performance of spaces after maintenance or remediation work.
  • Periodic statistical reports could provide longer term trends for a space, perhaps yielding early warning of impending issues to maintenance staff.

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