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Tokyo, Japan – September 8th, 2023 – Particles Plus® instruments have once again been used by scientists for research into Nebulizer Inhalation Therapy. To test the administration of safe Nebulizer Inhalation Therapy, researchers monitored particle concentrations for different particle sizes with Particles Plus® Optical Particle Counters (OPC).

Optical Particle Counters can measure particle size distribution and particle number concentration in real-time. Conventional OPCs are used mostly for cleanliness measurement of cleanrooms because of low particle concentrations. The Particles Plus® Handheld 8306 used in this study is capable of measuring high concentrations of aerosols as well as atmospheric particles.

Nebulizer Inhalation Therapy is employed for acute allergic bronchial. It is an important treatment not only for asthma patients, but for otolaryngology and pediatrics in a variety of settings as well. In order to administer safe Nebulizer Inhalation Therapy, a clean booth equipped with Push & Pull fan filter units with HEPA filter was constructed, and the change in particle concentration in a clean booth with different operating conditions of a Fan Filter Unit (FFU) was measured with the 8306 Handheld OPC. It was found that all particles in the size ranges measured by the OPC were purged from the clean booth within 180 seconds through continuous operation of the FFU without adding nebulized droplets.

A clean booth would be useful in providing a safe and convenient inhalation therapy environment but cautions are required to take into account the differences in dynamic and evaporation behavior of nebulized droplets.

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